Thursday, August 27, 2015

Landing at the Del Norte coast

And a quick run back down to Arcata for the night.

Headed north

Up around 5,000 feet on Grayback road heading northwest. Ok technically this was taken by me after turning around in the road so I could go back and get the shot. So southeast look here but I looped left there and NW again. Down into Oregon hitting 199 SW and landing in Crescent City. 

Happy Camp supermarket sightings

That ain't fog

Next stop Happy Camp!

Adolescent boy dreams

Yeah duh! we went

Behold... The Bigfoot burger

Enormous and enormously delicious.

Willow Creek must

Smokey outside. Less so inside.

Taking 299 east... A gamble

And then 96 north.

Old school

The Alibi

A fine Arcata institution with Racer 5 on tap.

Quick stop at Mecca for lunch

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Heading for the water

The critters lolled about just 10 yards out for a number of minutes before finally swimming off.