Monday, April 21, 2014

No sooner done than...

Liar's Dice

Pretty hoppy. Pretty good.

Shasta looks

Falling Sky

In Eugene.

Place, charming. Food, tasty. Beer, WTF and the people and their dry-ass beer! Ok the stout was good but that was a clone.


M. E. H.

All too dry.

Portland sights

As we wind down the visit.

Hair sightings

Also that's the Adam from the Wood. Their oaked version of Adam. Mother of... Adam From the Wood on tap. Sensational beer. Oaked Adam. Almost too sweet and alcohol comes through but... Oaky. Marvelous. 5. 

See flight list

Holy hand grenades Batman! What a beer. My notes for the Adam: Extraordinary beer. Smoke. Sweetness. Leather. Chocolate. Creamy. Incredible. 5. Like nothing I've ever had.